Garage floor epoxy coating in Salem, Oregon

Garage epoxy flooring with a car driven on it

If you’re like most homeowners in Oregon, your garage tends to endure abuse consistently everyday. It’s rather likely your garage takes more punishment than any other space on your property.

Its main foes are oils, rust, vehicle fluids, chemical spills, paint, mold, hot tires, and non-stop car and foot traffic. Our outside elements create more destruction as snow, rain, salt, sleet, mud, and ice are often brought inside by tires and shoes.

If the floor of your garage is littered with pits, abrasions, cracks, and other damage, it is an eyesore. It also creates major hazards for your family, neighbors, friends, and pets. Even more, it can harm your vehicles, bikes, and other equipment you keep in the garage.

The good news is that you implement the best protection for your garage flooring with a strong, long-lasting epoxy coating. These floor coatings are durable, resilient, and stay in great shape for many years while transforming your unsightly cement floor into one that looks attractive and professional.

Our epoxy contractors in Salem, OR are highly skilled and experienced in installing coatings. We use modern equipment and methods to ensure your needs are met.

If you are ready to start exploring what epoxy can do for your residential or commercial garage, contact us today for a free estimate.

Why hire our epoxy contractors?

We use commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings that deliver a refreshing splash of style and beauty to your dreary garage. With epoxy, you will have a smooth surface that is level and provides safety and guards against damage for many years to come.

Why do Salem homeowners and business owners  trust our certified team with their floor coating projects? We only use the very best epoxies on the market that produce strong industrial type floors that are coated on commercial floors, such as industrial spaces and airplane hangars.

Our crew handles the entire process, eliminating any stress for you, and making for a fun, affordable, and easy process that results in a fantastic new garage floor.

Why choose epoxy for your home or commercial garage floor?

If you’re like a lot of homeowners in Salem, maybe you believed your concrete garage floor would remain flawless forever. You perhaps took it for granted until damage started appearing. 

Even cement has a breaking point. Concrete is very porous, causing it to absorb and retain liquids that occupy its surface.

In time, its structural strength and integrity declines, degrades, and begins showing signs of wear and tear. That’s no surprise when you consider that most automobiles weight about 4,000 pounds, and many garages house two cars and other heavy equipment.

Drastic shifts in temperature during the winter months results in further damage. Snow, ice, and salt freeze on and inside the concrete, causing it to expand and eventually crack. It also leads to pits, abrasions, and dips.

Our locally owned and operated company makes it easy and cost-effective to get a sturdy floor coating that fixes all damage and delivers full protection from future issues.

We have seen it is a huge relief to property owners when their tattered garage is transformed into a clean and modern space in one or two days. You will also gain peace of mind that your garage floor is guarded against liquids and weather elements. Finally, all your neighbors will be jealous of your new and attractive environment.

Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can deliver you a strong epoxy coating at your residence or business in Salem.

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