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Choosing what type of industrial floor coating to apply in your property generally calls for a fair quantity of things to consider.

In most industrial facilities (factory, aircraft hangars, distribution plants), flooring sustains an incredible quantity of weathering. If you have been inside one of these areas, you know the floor is subject to harsh, destructive chemicals, oils, and scratches from heavy machinery.

You may need an industrial floor coating that is sturdy and will work in your location for many years to follow. Our Salem, Oregon epoxy floor covering specialists are not just skilled and qualified, we also use only superior commercial and industrial caliber epoxy materials that are produced by leading makers.

Having already provided services to clients across the state of Salem and Marion County for more than 20 years and spanning a range of industries, our business is ready to install industrial epoxy flooring that satisfies your requirements.

Our professional contractors are fully accredited, insured and intensely qualified on the latest in floor coating strategies. We use state of the art equipment and materials.

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Our prosapply cement finishes that always keep your business protected and efficient

When you pay for a top quality industrial epoxy coating for cement floors, you ensure a neat and polished appearance for your location, in addition to a safer work environment for your workers.

In workplaces such as assembly plants, commercial kitchen areas, garages, and distribution centers, you know there are many moving components. This consists of forklifts transporting weighty materials, equipment, push carts, cars, and a great deal more.

Without having suitable traction supplied by epoxy floor finishes, workers are put at more danger for personal injury as slips and falls become more frequent. A non-skid, slip-resistant, industrial floor coating reduces and halts mishaps from taking place, helping organizations to stay clear of stoppages and stay free of security concerns.

In addition to that, a tried and true epoxy floor coating can transform any industrial space into an efficient operation, reducing time needed on repair work and maintenance. Industrial floor finishes added by our professionals are superior and provide everything you need for your floors.

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